Absolute Yachts: Absolute Global Project keeps being a success

Absolute Yachts: Absolute Global Project keeps being a success

Absolute Yachts: Absolute Global Project keeps being a success


09/02/2018 - 11:20

 During a ceremony that took place yesterday at Palazzo Giureconsulti in Milan, UPS has awarded Absolute Yachts as winner of “Export2Succeed” for being the best exporting SME of the year. This initiative has been launched together with “L’Imprenditore”, the monthly magazine of “Piccola Industria di Confindutria”: the aim is to promote the internationalization of the SME and of the “Made in Italy” products, recognizing the Italian export champions.

A board leaded by Diego Mingarelli, Vice President of “Piccola Industria di Confindustria” has evaluated the nominations: the other members were Karl Haberkorn, UPS Italy managing director; Fabrizio Rigolio, Rizoma CEO; Stefano Zapponini, executive manager of the magazine “L’imprenditore”.

Karl Haberkorn stated that the company who has won this award “has shown a concept going beyond the Italian boards”, adding also “We hope that its success could show how doing business in an increasingly international market could be a winning strategy for the SME and the Italian start-ups”.

Absolute stood out between the nominated companies thanks to its ambitious project, the “Absolute Global Project”, here described and summarized in the words of Engineer Cesare Mastroianni, Absolute VP Sales

&    CCO: “The well-known crisis at the end of the 2000s has given rise to our active reaction and our determination to overcome the market difficulties through an ambitious and expensive project. During the six-year period between 2012 and 2017, the company has never moved backwards, considering the workforce, the advertising investments and above all the investments for the ongoing renewal of the products. This led to the Global Project that has been involving us in three dimensions: technical, organizational and communicative.”

To best manage the presence in the different Countries, Absolute has been supported over the years by a solid sales network. The organization includes a satellite company in the USA, the handling of 3 international events namely Cannes, Düsseldorf and Hong Kong, a technical training of the local players through meetings and trainings at our headquarters and in several international locations, as well as the participation at over 50 international Boat Shows.

The Global Project has virtually led Absolute close to all the yachting users, who perceive its Italian identity not only through the creativity of its products but also through the reliability of the territorial organization: the Absolute creations offer to the ship-owners more extensive, more comfortable and more efficient uses compared to the competitors and to the traditional design guidelines.

Today the Absolute Global Project success is a reality. “Today Absolute has become a sold global reality of the recreational boating. During the years of the project’s development, we have received many international awards in Europe and Asia and above all our turnover has grown in double figures, right when the international yachting market was facing a shrinking or static period”, concludes Mr. Mastroianni.

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