Azimut S7 Triennale Design Week

Azimut S7 Triennale Design Week

Azimut Yachts: art and design on board

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20/04/2018 - 14:41

During the Milan Design Week, in which Azimut Yachts participate with its latest generation boat Azimut S7, in a setting that has intrigued, fascinated and charmed thousands of visitors, the brand has presented its two new exclusive collaborations with Alberto Mancini and Vincenzo De Cotiis Architects, in the wake of his search for a new and more contemporary stylistic language on board.

In the first days of the Milan Design Week the impressive setting of Azimut Yachts, located right at the entrance of the Triennale, offered the numerous visitors the opportunity to catch up the links between navigation, art and design. Bringing a real yacht to Milan, a design icon as an extraordinary synthesis of manufacturing excellence and avant-garde technology, is certainly a brave gesture, but also a way to pay tribute to the creative effervescence that animates the city this week.

The attitude to continuous renewal and the ability to overcome the customs, inherent in the DNA of the brand and expressed in many of the innovations introduced in the sector, have in fact become profitable collaborations with designers and architects coming from non-nautical experiences and yet close by codes and styles in the Azimut Yachts world.

This is the main theme of the presentation that took place on Wednesday 18 April at the Teatro dell'Arte in Milan, during which Giovanna Vitelli briefly reviewed the almost fifty-year history of the brand: from breaking traditional rules to the desire and consisting in changing the order of things, from contaminating with unexpected elements to being the first to do something disruptive.

Giovanna Vitelli declared «From ten years now we have been searching, out of the industry, for leading architects who introduce a new language on our yachts, with completely different stylistic codes, expressed by evolving and contemporary projects" - We have thus created new paradigms that embrace the boat object with the most recent stylistic and lifestyle evolution, following a more contemporary and current way of living the spaces on board.

Giovanna Vitelli then underlined how all this happened without losing sight of the unavoidable objective that the boat continues to remain a boat, not an apartment or a hotel, with its perfect balance in relation to the surrounding environment, without distorting its lifestyle. For this reason Azimut Yachts has chosen to perform in a relationship of continuous exchange between the shipyard and its designers, so that the know-how of the marine object is founded with the most appropriate and innovative style suitable for declining it. Vitelli, who in the Azimut | Benetti Group is the Responsible for product development said that “It is often a continuous tension - - because dialogue is sometimes not easy, yet we continue to do so because we believe in this fruitful relationship: a mutual exchange between the shipyard that knows the maritime essence of the object, the owner's needs and the style brought by the architect. Only in this way does the form, with its stylistic functions, contemplate the function. "

In this context it was announced the new and exclusive collaborations of the shipyard with two famous and talented designers, Alberto Mancini and Vincenzo De Cotiis, who illustrated their creations with enthusiasm and passion.

Alberto Mancini is the author of the exterior of the Azimut S10, the new flagship of the S Collection, while Vincenzo De Cotiis Architects has been entrusted with the interiors of the Magellan 25 meters, Azimut Grande Collection.

Both yachts are expected for 2019, the year in which Azimut Yacht will celebrate its 50th anniversary.

The well-known architect Achille Salvagni, who has been working with Azimut Yachts for about a decade, was also present.

The event, conceived and produced by FeelRouge Worldwide Show, was conducted by the journalist Sabrina Donadel.

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