Baltic 142 Canova centerpiece of Monaco Yacht Show Exhibit

Baltic 142 Canova centerpiece of Monaco Yacht Show Exhibit

Baltic 142 Canova centerpiece of Monaco Yacht Show Exhibit


01/09/2023 - 13:16

Baltic Yachts will be exhibiting the ground-breaking Baltic 142 Canova at the Monaco Yacht Show, the world's largest superyacht exhibition, which runs from September 27-30, 2023.

Canova, known for her electric propulsion, innovative accommodation design and sliding foil Dynamic Stability System (DSS), will be berthed adjacent to our stand, QH9, in the centre of the Sailing Yacht Area along Quai l'Hirondelle. Our team will be on hand to welcome you and, by prior arrangement, to introduce you to Canova and her many innovations, particularly her accommodation lay-out facilitated by the space saving afforded by her electric propulsion system.

The Sailing Yacht Area is easily accessible via the show's Quai Louis II entrance or by water via the shuttle drop off point at the end of Quai l'Hirondelle. In addition to the opportunity to visit Canova, the Baltic Yachts' team will be on hand to discuss current builds and the latest developments at Baltic Yachts, including our extended construction facility in Jakobstad.

Baltic 142 Canova centerpiece of Monaco Yacht Show Exhibit

Canova, designed as a powerful, fast, long-distance passage maker, will be arriving in Monaco following a transatlantic crossing from Nova Scotia. Baltic and the yacht's owner are keen to exhibit the yacht in working mode, so while she will be immaculately presented for exhibition, she will also be displaying all the equipment normally used when the yacht is in full commission.

"Canova provides an ideal platform which points the way ahead for future design, particularly in terms of accommodation lay-out, cleaner power and the additional comfort and safety the DSS sliding foil affords," said Baltic Yachts Executive Vice President Henry Hawkins.

More about Baltic 142 Canova

With naval architecture by Farr Yacht Design and exterior styling and interior design by Lucio Micheletti, Canova was delivered in 2019. Both her owner and project manager were heavily involved in the yacht's development and will be available on board to discuss their experience and the lessons learnt and the opportunities for future designs.

Canova is propelled by her 400kW electric motor by way of her large lithium-ion battery banks which also allows for power hungry items like the bow thruster, winches and windlasses to be driven electrically rather than by a separate and hydraulic system.

While there are obvious advantages of an electric propulsion system, including vastly reduced emissions and vibration, plus the reduced need for sound deadening materials, the benefits afforded by space saving and rearranging are significant when it comes to accommodation lay out.

The two generators, required for charging the battery banks, can be positioned almost anywhere and the reduced size of the electric motor mean extra space is available. Canova is unusual in that the large, full width owner's suite is located almost amidships, directly beneath the deck saloon and immediately forward of the engine compartment, something that wouldn't be possible in a conventionally powered yacht because of noise and space restrictions.

Baltic 142 Canova centerpiece of Monaco Yacht Show Exhibit

"Canova was one of the first large sailing yachts to benefit from electric propulsion and both the owner's team and ourselves agree there is clearly more to exploit in terms of its effect on interior design and layout," said Henry Hawkins.

Canova's DSS athwartships foil was a world first in a superyacht and while in the right conditions it provides a performance edge, it is the additional comfort through reduced heel and pitching which have proved extremely effective. Being able to reduce heel while the crew are working on deck for a sailplan adjustment or manoeuvre is an additional safety feature provided by DSS.

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