Construction begins on the Veloce 32 RPH by Vittoria Yachts

Construction begins on the Veloce 32 RPH by Vittoria Yachts

Construction begins on the Veloce 32 RPH by Vittoria Yachts


15/03/2022 - 20:29

The noble and ancient plate ceremony was performed recently at the Adria headquarters of Vittoria Yachts, during the laying of the keel of the Veloce 32 RPH. This marks the official start of construction of the 32m custom superyacht designed entirely by the naval architectural and marine engineering design studio Hydro Tec, with completion scheduled for January in 2024. 

 The on-spec Veloce 32 RPH is designed for owners that want a yacht built with signature Made in Italy care and craftsmanship to a standard that only a yard with over 100 years of experience in ship-building can guarantee. As Veloce’s name suggests, there will be great focus on delivering superb performance underway.  With this new craft, Vittoria Yachts in continuing the century-long shipbuilding career of CantiereNavale Vittoria which has built 900 vessels. This astonishing track record guarantees reliability to owners who will also have the opportunity to build a close relationship with both the yard’s management and the Duò Family, owners of the company since 1927.

 “For Veloce’s construction, our yard drew on a century’s experience in shipbuilding and its own innovation-centred approach.  – commented Paolo Duò, President of CantiereNavale Vittoria and Vittoria Yachts – Veloce is the perfect bridge between CantiereNavale Vittoria’s tradition and Vittoria Yachts’ present and future. We adapted and transferred the safety, efficiency and innovation typical of our Fast Patrol Vessels, which still serve in leading national and international navies, to the Veloce 32 RPH. Over the years, we have tackled many, very complex challenges as we constantly raised the bar, refusing to ever rest on our laurels. A lot has changed since we launched our first wood-built boats in the yard founded by my grandfather, Luigi. But one thing we have never lacked is passion and the desire to turn dreams into concrete reality. Vittoria Yachts is one of those dreams, a desire we carried inside us for years. Now the time has finally come to cast off for new seas with the wind behind us and the desire to bring the Vittoria Experience to as many people as possible”.

 “After a challenging but successful year during which we created and developed two lines, Veloce and Bow Sprit, that have met with great consensus from owners, we are starting 2022 with this emotive ceremony,”  addsMichele Zorzenon, Managing Director of Vittoria Yachts –  It’s the perfect way  to mark the start of a new construction adventure. A new build that stands out because it can accommodate all kinds of personalisation requests as well as having the signature characteristics of a 30m superyacht and guaranteeing consistently high performance. The fact that we are doing the hull and superstructure work and the full engineering for Veloce on spec will slash her delivery time by around a year. That is a real game-changer for any owner wanting their boat as soon as possible”.

 Captivatingly modern in design, the Veloce 32 RPH is a 32m with a beam of 7.2 and three decks.  Her semi-displacement hull means she can safely negotiate all the world’s seas at her maximum speed of 20 knots, delivered by twin 1,900 hp Man engines. 

Although she delivers on performance, she is also designed for long passage making. The  Veloce 32 RPH is a brilliant distillation of comfort, efficiency and timeless design. Her unusual Hydro Tec-designed lines are characterised by a plumb bow and raised gunwale that lend her bow and sides a more imposing, masculine stance whilst simultaneously offering greater protection and privacy to the exterior areas. Those lines also, of course, hint that the yacht has a strong vocation for safe, secure navigation. The pilothouse has a low profile with a reverse windscreen, giving it a uniquely modern look.

 “Project Veloce brilliantly encapsulates the spirit of the CantiereNavale Vittoria which specialises in light, fast aluminium boats for law enforcement,” commented engineerSergio Cutolofounder of Hydro Tec. “While BowSprit is a sturdy, ocean-going vessel reinforced for icy waters, Veloce is a typical, relatively fast Mediterranean yacht with plenty of al fresco space and a large master suite on the main deck.

The plumb bow, which melds perfectly with the hull lines, lends Veloce an aggressive stance that also translates into high efficiency at different speeds. The low profile of the pilothouse with a reverse-angled windshield is inspired by the yard’s fast patrol boats. Aside from adding to her aggressive look, it also affords perfect visibility from the steering position and of the instrumentation”.

 “Our goal” - continuesZorzenon - “is to meet the needs of owners who want a real vessel built from metal without having to compromise on the cruising speeds typically offered by GRP craft. This is a great opportunity for clients who can then choose between the economy range or ‘Veloce’ mode. We also chose both materials and finishes with great care to maintain continuity of style throughout the entire yacht”.

 Veloce’s elegant, contemporary interiors are designed to be totally connected to the outside. Sliding doors and windows create unique, airy interiors with unfettered, panoramic views. They also guarantee that the spaces themselves can used with complete freedom. The headroom is also superb.  The interiors are modern and refined in style with every single detail meticulously thought-out and executed. Poltrona Frau leathers and furnishings combine with luxe wood elements to create wonderfully sophisticated ambiences. 

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