For the first time, the public could admire the GT280S

For the first time, the public could admire the GT280S

The Italian style of Invictus Yacht conquers the CYF 2019

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16/09/2019 - 16:45

- At the Cannes Yachting Festival 2019, Invictus Yacht has presented a line-up that reveals the full variety of its ranges

- World debut of the CX270, with two 220hp outboard motors that emphasize the sporty hull

- For the first time, the public could admire the GT280S in outboard configuration

- Other models on display include the CX250, GT370, GT320, FX240 and FX200

- The customisation opportunities offered by the Atelier Invictus apply to all series, with a network of specialised craftsmen and highly qualified suppliers provided

This line-up reveals the great variety of models offered by Invictus Yacht, as exhibited at the Cannes Yachting Festival 2019. They are a perfect symbol of the Italian style embodied by the Italian shipyard.

Invictus CX270, the sporty outboard boat with an elegant soul

Here is the latest of the Invictus Yacht family, the CX270, a boat with interiors far larger than in equivalent competitor models, which still succeeds in maintaining a sporty profile thanks to the balanced design of the hull and of the deckhouse profile. The stowaway anchor chosen by the designers means the deck is free from cumbersome external elements. The greatest attention has been placed on the finishes and the details, not just in terms of materials but of alternating chromatic patterns as well. Shiny steel elements are set in softer-toned contexts such as leather; hints of the most classic Italian handcrafting can be perceived in the seams on the seats. Solid teak wood can be extended to the stern platforms, an option that is rarely offered in boats this size.

The sporty character of the new Invictus CX270, highlighted by two outboard motors (220hp each), shares a deep connection with the attention to details and solutions that aim at achieving the greatest comfort on board. The ergonomics typical of the CX series can be clearly seen in the carefully designed vertically-developed wheelhouse. The heart of the living area develops midship. Here the stand-up steering seat can be easily converted to complete the stern dinette and to create a real seating area - perfect for people who enjoy the experience of conviviality on their boat. This convertible system is standard issue. A basin unit left of the cockpit is one of the new elements in Invictus. Inside, height and spaces have been skilfully combined to create an astonishing cabin with separate bathroom, without losing any of the ergonomic features that characterise the CX range.

At the Cannes Yachting Festival, the CX range is also represented by the CX250, conceived to pack high quality devices and outstanding comfort in a compact space. Choosing a sterndrive (with a specially designed hull) allowed for a large stern platform, which makes access from the dock easier and is more pleasant and convenient while at anchor. The stern sundeck can be extended towards the cockpit thanks to the L-shaped settee with folding back.

World debut of the CX270
World debut of the CX270

“S”, the new outboard version of the GT280

The Cannes Yachting Festival included the debut of the Invictus GT280S, the outboard configuration of one of most successful models made by the Italian shipyard. With its two outboard engines totalling 500hp, this highly liveable boat with the characteristic reverse bow delivers excellent performance.

The solid yet sharp reverse bow is the style trait that characterises the “big sisters” in the range, GT320 and GT370, which both have sterndrive motors. A characterising trait of the GT320 is the deck’s layout, with access to the cockpit via the stern swim platform,  on the left of the large sundeck, which can be further extended by folding back the forward settee. In the centre of the cockpit, the L-shaped dinette includes a table and faces what can only be described as an outdoor kitchen - a stand-up unit with fridge, ice-maker, grill and basin. The unit’s doors can easily conceal all the equipment, thus preserving the typical elegance of Invictus.

The GT370 enhances all onboard areas, which become even larger and more comfortable. The two large areas below deck can be configured according to the end-user’s needs - the large stern cabin has two beds that can be joined to form one big bed, suitable for three children or two adults, with plenty of room to spare, and a third bed can be put up in the bow cabin. Alternatively, owners can opt for a large side sofa combined with a small table, bar unit and television, creating a comfortable and scenic living area.

Invictus GT280
Invictus GT280

FX240, the outboard boat for fishing or for spending a pleasant day at sea

The shipyard’s range of outboard boats exhibited at the Cannes Yachting Festival is completed by the FX240 and FX200 models. The FX240, available in “leisure” and “fishing” configurations, offsets its small size with carefully designed spaces that are used very efficiently, creating a small changing area below deck. A toilet can be fitted here on request. Guests aboard can enjoy the bow area, fitted with a comfortable sofa against the topside. This area can be kept empty to provide room when fishing. Like all Invictus models, the FX200 has also benefited from the shipyard’s considerable formal and aesthetic efforts. High range materials were used and great attention placed on details and on overall quality, providing this boat with even greater added value in terms of equipment and liveability. The deep hull is made for speed, yet this boat is incredibly seaworthy and safe. FX200 is a step towards entering the Invictus world because, despite its compact size, it contains everything owners who love good taste and contemporary style could want and wish to show off with subtle pleasure.

The importance of customisation: the Atelier Invictus

All series are already available in a number of colours, equipment and configurations, so there is plenty of choice. Customers can configure the boat according to their tastes and needs. The Italian shipyard has taken personalisation possibilities to a higher level, creating the Atelier Invictus, which offers customers a network of specialised craftsmen and highly qualified suppliers. Customers are supported from the very first stages of their purchase and guided through a virtual laboratory in which the vessel is designed with individual material insets and dedicated devices. This transforms a standard product into a customised vessel that expresses its owner’s personality, style and taste.


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