Neel trimaran during the race

Neel trimaran during the race

The Neel 47 trimaran is the winner of the Arc+ 2019


05/12/2019 - 10:36

The NEEL 47 MINIMOLE arrived 1st overall in the Rallye l'ARC+ on Tuesday 3rd December, after a 12day crossing, beating the 2nd by 35 miles.
THE NEEL 47 had already finished 1st (all categories combined) on the first stage of the Rally between the Canary Islands and the Cape Verde Islands.

3 NEEL trimarans were racing in this edition, their ranking is as follows:
• NEEL 47 MINIMOLE (Italian crew) : 1st (all categories combined) • NEEL 51 SAN (German crew) : 4th (multihull category) • NEEL 51 (Norwegian crew) : still in the race on December 4th, positioned to finish 6th (the multihull category) 

Reminder, in 2015 the NEEL 45 also came first at the ARC in the multihull category.

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