Silent 80 - Tri deck

Silent 80 - Tri deck

Silent-Yachts: three new models of solar electric catamarans

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12/09/2019 - 21:28

 - The Silent 44, 60 and 80 tri-deck are added to Silent -Yachts’ range

- Silent -Yachts is the producer of the first and only oceangoing solar-electric production catamarans in the world

- Solar-powered propulsion and household, pure silence due to electric propulsion

- Clean environment, no vibrations and fumes

- Drive-train and household power supply is virtually free of maintenance

- No generator required for air conditioning and cooking at anchor

- The generator is only used to recharge the batteries in rare cases

- Silent -Yachts’ catamarans are self-sufficient with unlimited range without burning fuel

Silent -Yachts, the innovative Austrian company that produces the first and only oceangoing solar-electric production catamarans in the world, has announced the expansion of its range at the Cannes Yachting Festival 2019. The shipyard is adding three new models: the Silent 44, Silent 60 and a tri-deck version of the flagship Silent 80.

“We had a successful year, as we enjoyed huge support from our clients, yachting experts and, of course, media,” said Michael Köhler, Founder and CEO of Silent -Yachts. “We sold four Silent 80 catamarans, which are now under construction and on track for the 2020 summer deliveries, and updated the best-selling Silent 55 with several units sold. Now we feel it is the right time to expand our offering.”

The company started receiving calls from clients about the new yachts even before the official world unveiling in Cannes.

“All three new yachts are very nice additions to our range and we selected sizes and amenities depending on what our clients are looking for,” Michael Köhler added. “Therefore, the 13-meter Silent 44 will be a solid entry model. The Silent 60 is similar to the 55-footer but with more volume and special features for long-range cruisers. Finally, the three-deck Silent 80 offers a comfortable, spacious panoramic saloon on top. We are going to be revealing more details about these new exciting additions in coming months.”

Silent 44

The Silent 44 is going to be an entry model of the range. The smallest ever Silent -Yachts’ catamaran is an oceangoing solar electric boat that meets the highest ship building standards, respects the environment and makes no compromises regarding luxury cruising at the same time.

In the standard configuration, the two electric 30 kW motors achieve a maximum speed of 12 knots, but the propulsion can be upgraded to 2x80 kW. It is possible to cross the oceans with pure and clean solar energy, without giving up any comfort from a conventionally powered yacht.

Silent 44
Silent 44

Silent  60

The Silent 60 is a step forward comparing to the best-selling Silent 55. The new model is longer, wider and more voluminous, but she also has a new high performance hull form that is optimized with CFD study, with longer waterline and reverse bow. Exterior design resembles the flagship Silent 80. Its signature details are long window stripe at the sidewall of the hull and more window surface overall. In addition, the storage space of the 60-footer is much larger, has higher headroom and more powerful solar panels: 42 pieces for 16.8 kWp compared to 30 for 10.8 kWp of the Silent 55. The Silent 60 is a true world cruiser.

Silent 60
Silent 60

Silent 80 Tri-Deck

The panoramic air-conditioned saloon on the flybridge of the Silent 80 Tri-Deck is very convenient and helps stretch out the period of using the boat. The extra space on top adds more space for social areas on board, while offering new opportunities in terms of layout. The Silent 80 Tri-Deck is available with a “sky-lounge” on the top deck or a huge 90 m² fly deck can be designed as an “owner´s deck with a vast private owner´s suite with 360° view and a terrace.

At the same time, the Tri-Deck solution does not affect the performance. The new Silent 80 will be able to reach the same 18 knots with the most powerful e-motors combination and make up to 100 nautical miles a day at cruising speed without burning a single litre of fuel.



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