YYachts moors the Y7 of a famous designer at the ancora Yachtfestival


15/05/2024 - 16:35

After an extremely successful Palma International Boat Show, the next show is already on the horizon for YYachts. For the second time, the shipyard will be exhibiting at the ancora Yacht Festival (31 May to 2 June), where it will present the largest yacht at the show in the form of an almost 22-meter Y7.
“This yacht,” says YYachts Managing Director Christian Möller, “is also a very special Y7. On the one hand, its owner is a world-famous designer who had a significant influence on the design of the yacht; on the other hand, he has already covered 20,000 nautical miles with his Y7 and proven how seaworthy our yachts are. 

The Y7 is one of YYachts' most successful models. With a displacement of only around 29 tons and 300 square meters of sail area, this almost 22-metre-long luxury yacht can be set in motion even in very light winds. The reason for this is the carbon construction and the use of lightweight materials for the interior.
Its ballast keeps the Y7 very stable, making it extremely comfortable to sail. This luxury yacht, manufactured in Germany, was designed for family vacations, as it can be operated with a very small crew or even alone. She is characterized by easy handling combined with excellent performance.

Christian Möller explains why YYachts is exhibiting in Neustadt for the second time as follows: “At the ancora yacht festival, we can present our yachts and our philosophy to our Scandinavian and, of course, North German prospective customers virtually on their doorstep. Our first appearance in Neustadt was very promising, and we are expecting an even better performance this year.”

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