Charm and Challenges of the oceans

Charm and Challenges of the oceans

Gstaad Yacht Club, Charm and Challenges of the oceans


03/04/2020 - 15:19

Gstaad, March 2020 Since 2011, topics relating to the protection of the oceans and waters have been an integral part of the club's life. Through cooperation and events, the Gstaad Yacht Club focuses on the worldwide efforts to save marine ecosystems. In February, the club offered well-known personalities a high-calibre platform where they could present first-hand experiences and measures. Around 135 club members, guests and friends experienced a packed evening program.

The panel discussion was moderated by Markus Reymann, co-founder of the TBA21- Academy. Panelist Dr Arturo Castillo Castillo from the Imperial College London gave an exciting insight into his research on stopping plastic pollution. William Winram, ocean explorer, filmmaker, photographer and record athlete, uses his skills for research in the benefit of nature conservation. His expeditions and the resulting findings led to a rethink among many governments, which in turn led to an expansion of marine protected areas around the world. The two speakers were joined by Clare Brook, CEO of the Blue Marine Foundation, a pioneer in environmental investment and sustainable investment campaigns. Cooperation with the United Nations will also protect areas outside national territories.

George Duffield, founder of the Blue Marine Foundation, confirmed the success of the GYC initiative. After the film screening at the Gstaad Yacht Club already in 2011, he was able to secure the financing of one of his biggest projects. The protected area in the Indian Ocean is now a reality. "The GYC has done a lot for the ocean for a yacht club without water," he said with appreciation.

The conclusion of the evening was the perception that everyone can exert influence. Whether he donates money, organizes a beach cleaning campaign or simply pays attention to his carbon footprint: "Every person on the planet has to be part of the solution, get involved, get active and connect with others. We can all do more every day to make a difference."
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Charm and Challenges of the oceans
Charm and Challenges of the oceans

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