HP Watermakers, next-generation Part-NET 2.0 control system

HP Watermakers, next-generation Part-NET 2.0 control system

HP Watermakers, next-generation Part-NET 2.0 control system


27/04/2022 - 11:50

HP Watermakers, the Milan-based brand of semi- and fully automatic watermakers for leisure boats and luxury resorts, is the only company in its field focused on integrating eco-friendly technology and fully automatic functionality into its range of watermakers. It was the first to develop its own proprietary software that is fully compatible with onboard electronic systems from brands such as Raymarine, Garmin, Furuno, Simrad, B&G and Lowrance.

In fact, Part-NET 1.0 provided end-users with a powerful tool for managing the entire desalination system – including the pressure, temperature and salinity settings – from the comfort of the plotter on the bridge, or even a smart phone when a internet connection is available connection is available, without the need for manual intervention.

Part-NET 2.0 retains all these innovations but adds even more flexibility and functionality. 

Personalisation capability

Previously in order to modify the equipment settings, or even the boat’s details in the case of resale, the onboard system had to be connected remotely to the company network. This was a time-consuming and complex process that was dependent on reliable internet access. Part-NET 2.0 allows end-users to easily customize the parameters quickly and independently without any intervention required from HP Watermakers.

User-friendly graphic interface

The light grey background on the old interface has been replaced with a dark blue one for better contrast and visibility. The default home screen layout has also been refreshed and refined: whereas previously the equipment data switched automatically every 5 seconds to provide an overview, with Part-NET 2.0 both the synoptic and specific parameters are always shown on the screen for heightened at-a-glance awareness.

 Video-based trouble shooting

In case of a malfunction, Part-NET has always allowed users to refer to conventional manuals in 5 languages that integrated into the Part-Net system. In Part-NET 2.0 this function has been expanded across all scenarios with full video explanations of possible causes and remedies – an especially useful function for owner-operators who may not have a working knowledge of the onboard equipment. The manuals also include QR codes for easy ordering of spare parts.

 “We’re constantly looking for innovative ways to improve the functionality and usability of our watermakers from the client’s perspective,” says CEO Gianni Zucco. “Of course, our technicians are always available if an owner or captain needs technical assistance, but we wanted to give them the opportunity to resolve issues more quickly and easily on their own. User-friendly videos for problem solving are just one example. If I have an issue with my washing machine at home, I look for a solution on YouTube before checking the manual. It’s the same on board a yacht, only they don’t even need to go online because they have it right there on their plotter!”

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