Valiant Sport RIB

Valiant Sport RIB

Mercury Marine in EMEA is proud to present its new Valiant Sport RIB range

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07/12/2018 - 19:22

Mercury Marine in EMEA is proud to present its new Valiant Sport RIB range.

Heavily inspired by Mercury's Raptor professional boats, the brand's leading SPORT range introduces completely new helm consoles, new polyester leaning posts and new stern bench seats - everything has been refined for improved ergonomics, greater comfort and increased on-board storage.

With hulls already recognised for their efficiency and performance, the deck plans have been improved, offering more space, making it easier to move around the boat and facilitating the installation of new accessories.

2019 RANGE

- 470 SPORT available in PVC, Open hull without console

- 500 SPORT available in PVC or CR/CSM, Hull with S7 console and LP7 leaning post

- 550 SPORT available in PVC or CR/CSM, Hull with S7 console and LP7 leaning post

- 580 SPORT available in PVC or CR/CSM, Hull with S9 console and LP9 leaning post

- 630 SPORT available in PVC or CR/CSM, Hull with S9 console and LP9 leaning post

- 690 SPORT available in CR/CSM, Hull with S11 console and LP11 leaning post

- 750 SPORT available in CR/CSM, Hull with S11 console and LP11 leaning post


The hulls and accessories in the 2019 SPORT range feature the d ark grey gelcoat introduced two years ago on the Black Carbon limited edition.


- Mehler 1,100 decitex Dark Grey PVC 

- ORCA (Pennel & Flipo) 1,100 or 1,670 decitex Military Grey CR/CSM (depending on model)


Three new dual consoles, named S7, S9 and S11, with the following key features:

- Wide console for increased pilot and co-pilot protection

- Generous surface area allowing for installation of a large dimension GPS/sounder screen in addition to the standard engine gauges, including speedometer and tachometer

- Integrated VHF slot

- Operating panel housing on all models

- Dedicated recess for mounting a compass

- Sturdy matt black painted handrail

- Hydraulic steering as standard (excluding 500 SPORT)

- New Italian GUSSI Sport steering wheel

- Attwood LED navigation lights with removable anchor light

- New switchboard with six switches

- Consoles with two-level storage, with easy access to switchboard and battery compartment via large polycarbonate panels


Three new models:

- Leaning post LP7 in matt black powder-coated stainless steel tubing for the 500 and 550 SPORT models. Can be equipped with an optional large carry-all bag under the seat base. Includes a sturdy rear handrail for passengers. 

- Leaning post LP9 in fibreglass, designed for the 580 and 630 SPORT models. With top-opening upper storage compartment under the seat base for storing waterproof clothing, for example. The lower section, reached through a large panel, is used to store safety equipment. Large black PVC seat cushion with grey piping and side padding to prevent the occupant sliding in turns, and two side grab handles. The back of the leaning post includes a mounting designed to hold an optional polyester folding table or small folding seat.

- Leaning post LP11, identical to the previous model in design but larger, for use on the 690 and 750 SPORT models. This leaning post differs from the LP9 in that the back can optionally hold two single folding seats or a folding table to form a "dining area" at the rear of the cockpit.


Three new bench seats/lockers, BS7, BS9 and BS11, specially designed for these models, are being introduced. They are the same dark grey gelcoat, and the black PVC upholstery is highlighted with grey piping.

These optional bench seats/lockers significantly increase the storage capacity. Sturdy armrests on each side keep passengers safe. In addition, rod holders can be fitted on the back for those who like to fish. The upholstery is fully removable so that it can be protected from   the weather when the boat is not in use.


Other accessories specially designed for the SPORT range are also available as options:

- Stainless steel roll bar,

- Built-in fishwell under the deck with seawater recycling,

- Single Jockey seat,

- Console and leaning post cover,

- Adjustable, removable ski mast,

- Adjustable diving tank rack (4-6 single units),

- Garelick dive ladder,

- Stainless steel rod holder.

These accessories are available as dealership options.


All Valiant boats are fully assembled and equipped in our factory, from installing the main accessories, console and leaning post to fitting all of the engine components such as gauges, remote control unit, mechanical or hydraulic steering (depending on model), cables, etc. 

We take particular care over the electrical and mechanical installation, which forms part of the standard of the equipment on Valiant craft, meaning that it is identical on every boat, providing consumers with guaranteed quality and reliability. It's one of the things that set us apart.


In addition to the new features, we have created two new Special Editions of these models: "Sailing School" and "Black Carbon".

"SAILING SCHOOL" is aimed more particularly at teaching establishments.

Based on a standard dark grey PVC hull, it is factory-fitted with a Jockey-style helm console and comes in three sizes, 470, 500 and 550. Completely basic, but with an identical finish to the other models in the range, it can be supplemented with options available in the catalogue.

"BLACK CARBON" is for tech-loving sport boaters who want to stand out from the crowd.

With identical specifications to the standard models in the range, it is available in three sizes - 630, 690 and 750.

What makes it different is the black ORCA 1,670 decitex CR/CSM tube, imitating the pattern of carbon, with fabric from Pennel and Flipo.

Special upholstery in Vogue Black Onyx fabric with red piping accentuates the sporty side of these models. The special steering wheel is made from carbon, of course.

This series can also be equipped with the new BS7, BS9 and BS11 bench seats/lockers with the same special upholstery.

All of these models are available from Valiant dealers now.

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