Evoy 300_IguanaYachts

Evoy 300_IguanaYachts

Evoy's 300+hp electric outboard world premiere at Cannes


06/09/2022 - 13:23

This year in Cannes, Evoy will launch their prototype of the Outboard Storm - a 300 + hp electric outboard motor systems with a 225 kW continuous power - the most powerful electric outboard ever put on water.

Evoy, the market leader of high-performance electric outboard and inboard motors systems will for the first time attend the Cannes Yachting Festival – showcasing that the future is electric – also for high performance commercial and leisure boats.

Evoy designs, develops and delivers a series of powerful electric outboard and inboard motor systems ranging from 120 hp to 400 hp continuous and has so far delivered to the market the Outboard Breeze (120 hp and 90 kW continuous power and 185 hp peak); and the Inboard Hurricane (400 hp with 300 kW continuous power and 800 hp peak) to commercial and recreational customers in 10 countries.

To combine the launch of this major technology, Evoy is also announcing 3 major partnerships:

One partnership is with one of Europe's most popular and sold brands, Finnish Axopar. Together with Evoy, Axopar is launching an electric version of the 25 feet, with the first prototype showcased on the water in Cannes by the Electric Marina.

Axopar 25 electric prototype_E29A0910

"Axopar is excited to join forces with innovators that challenge the status quo of the industry. Our partnership with Evoy is a perfect example of two great companies, on a joint mission, to expand the boating community and offer new ways of mobility for the future," says Jan-Erik Viitala, Founding partner, Axopar. 

The founder and CEO of Evoy, Leif A. Stavøstrand adds "We are very happy to partner up with Axopar as we really love their brand, product and crew. Evoy and Axopar have similar value propositions to our customers, where exploration and adventure is in the high-seat".

Another major partnership is with French Iguana Yachts. Together with Evoy they are launching their first fully electric amphibious and foiling boat fitted with a 300 hp Evoy electric outboard. The boat will be equipped with retractable foils, hence expecting to reduce energy consumption by 50% and will be on the water next spring.

Last but not least, Evoy is also launching a partnership with Goldfish – after breaking the world record for serial produced electric boats reaching a speed of 57.7 knots on a Goldfish X9. Together Goldfish and Evoy will launch a series of electric X10 (single installation) and 43 Ocean (twin installation) of the inboard 400+ hp, also to be delivered next spring.

Evoy has been working with major sectors such as boat builders, commercial boating, tourism, aquaculture, rescue boats, ports, and infrastructure players – and are now through partnerships also offering the recreational market to take part in the electric transition.

Cannes Yachting Festival 2022 will be a date to remember for those interested in high-performance electric boating; Evoy will be present at PAN 044 booth located the Vieux Port.

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