Aqua superPower unveils Aqua Bitta at Venice Boat Show

Aqua superPower unveils Aqua Bitta at Venice Boat Show

Aqua superPower unveils Aqua Bitta at Venice Boat Show


31/05/2023 - 07:25

Aqua superPower, the leading marine fast charge operator, is thrilled to announce its participation as the technical partner for the Venice Boat Show for the second consecutive year. As a pioneer in the industry, Aqua superPower will provide DC and AC charging solutions to cater to the growing number of electric boats showcased at the event. To mark this occasion, the company proudly presents the Aqua 'Bitta' charging post, a revolutionary addition designed to seamlessly integrate into the unique architecture and environment of the UNESCO Heritage site, Venice.

The Aqua 'Bitta' 22 kW AC IP67 rated waterproof charging posts will be deployed as part of Aqua superPower's ongoing commitment to developing charging infrastructure for marine and inland water applications that take into account environmental, cultural, and heritage considerations. Compliant with European legislation on public charging standards, the Aqua 'Bitta' features Type 2 AC connectors, ensuring safety and user-friendly functionality. Its elegant design pays homage to the iconic mooring poles of Venice, beautifully blending aesthetics with practicality.

Electric boats take centre stage at the Venice Boat Show 2023, with over 50 electric vessels on display, including several highly anticipated world premieres. Adding to the excitement, the event will host the third edition of the E-Regatta, an exhilarating endurance competition featuring a diverse range of electric boats. Aqua superPower will support the high-performance electric boats with its Aqua 75 DC fast charging station, enabling rapid recharging and extended autonomy. Additionally, eight Aqua 'Bitta' AC chargers will be strategically installed on the P2 electric pontoon, catering to boats with slower charging requirements.

"Our Aqua 'Bitta' AC charging pole, custom-designed for Venice, incorporating our cutting-edge Aqua Pod technology, showcases our commitment to providing holistic solutions for both DC and AC charging infrastructure, tailored to specific locations and usage scenarios," said Michele Bolpagni, Country Manager Italy for Aqua superPower. "Having access to a comprehensive electric charging network that offers a reliable plug & charge experience is pivotal in accelerating the transition away from liquid carbon fuels. Aqua superPower represents a credible solution for making boating clean and sustainable, and our role as the technical partner to the Venice Boat Show, where sustainability and the environment take centre stage, is a testament to our industry-leading position."

Eight Aqua Bitta electric B…dit Aqua superPower
Eight Aqua Bitta electric B…dit Aqua superPower

The fourth edition of the Venice Boat Show witnesses a significant surge in the e-marine sector, with a remarkable 30% increase in the number of electric vessels on display compared to the previous year. This trend mirrors the demand for advanced boats that prioritise environmental sustainability, the use of eco-friendly materials, and constantly evolving technology.

Aqua superPower collaborates closely with leading electric boat manufacturers and industry partners to drive and develop marine fast-charging interoperability, safety, and compatibility standards. The company first introduced the Aqua global marine fast charge network at the Venice Boat Show in 2021. Since then, the network has transformed into reality, with installations in key boating areas across France, Spain, the Nordics, the UK, the US, and Portugal. In Italy, Aqua superPower has already established installations in Venice, along the Italian Riviera, Venice, Lake Maggiore, and, most recently, has partnered with the Italian Tourist Ports Association Assomarinas to create infrastructure and charging corridors for electric boats along the entire Italian coast.

Aqua superPower's network of chargers provides reliable and ultrafast 22kW AC and 150kW DC charging options for both leisure and commercial boats. To learn more about Aqua superPower and meet their dedicated team, visit their Stand at Piazzale della Campanella at the Venice Boat Show.

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