Range extension of the SWI-TEC Rat Guard

Range extension of the SWI-TEC Rat Guard

SWI-TEC Rat Guard is now available in three different models


29/04/2019 - 13:12

The next trip can be over before it has even started when rats or other vermin find their way on the boat. They gnaw cables, blankets, timber claddings and eat all our food storage. If you once have them on your boat, it is even harder to get them off again. And here comes our turn, provide and install the SWI-TEC Rat Guard. The solid rotable plastic disc prevents that the little animals capture your ship. As soon as one is trying to climb the disc, it turns around and the animal falls into the water.

The SWI-TEC Rat Guard is available in three different sizes and can be installed on ropes and anchor chains with a diameter from 15 - 30 cm, 30 - 45 cm and also 45 - 75 cm. That is the reason why we can also protect superyachts and commercial ships from rats and vermins.

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