MC2 System expands with the new Intercepta X Series: custom intruders

MC2 System expands with the new Intercepta X Series: custom intruders

MC2 System expands with the new Intercepta X Series: custom intruders


21/06/2024 - 14:02

With the latest generation of cars, a series of driver assistance systems have been introduced to allow drivers to focus exclusively on driving and passengers to enjoy significantly higher comfort levels. These systems enhance the pleasure of driving by ensuring the car’s mechanics can be fully utilized. While these assistance systems are not essential, they enhance safety and convenience. Similarly, yachts are experiencing a generational leap in onboard technologies, driven by innovations in stabilization, trim control, and hull management systems. These systems become even more precise and effective when managed by sophisticated electronics that ensure integration, simplifying boat operation and improving safety and comfort for those on board. Therefore, why do without them?

MC2 System: Revolutionizing Boat Use and Enjoyment

Quick Group positions itself as the perfect partner for OEMs and yacht owners by engineering and producing complex equipment and systems for yachts and superyachts. Among its products is a range of systems dedicated to stabilizing the roll and pitch of yachts and superyachts, simplifying hull management and enhancing onboard comfort. All of this falls under the MC2 brand, including static and dynamic stabilization systems both underway and at anchor, familiar to many captains and yachting enthusiasts.

MC2 Viator and MC2 Quick Gyro

The MC2 Viator system features high-efficiency electric fins equipped with a control unit that analyzes and predicts yacht dynamics, adjusting their movement in real-time to counteract hull roll in various sea conditions. Meanwhile, the MC2 Quick Gyro series includes gyroscopic stabilizers installed inside the hull. These use a high-speed spinning flywheel on a horizontal axis to create a gyroscopic force that counteracts and cancels out hull oscillations. When the vessel begins to roll, the gyroscope generates a torque that acts in the opposite direction, stabilizing the boat.

Intercepta X Series: Customizable Dynamic Trim Correction

More recently, the dynamic trim correctors Intercepta X have been developed, complementing the well-known Intercepta IN series designed for hulls from 6 to 40 meters. The Intercepta X series stands out for its full customization options, from product length to engine position within the hull, and integrates seamlessly with the aforementioned MC2 anti-roll stabilizers as well as the steering and control systems for engines and transmissions produced by XENTA, a leading company in this field and part of the Quick Group.

What is an Intruder and its Purpose?

An intruder, also known as an interceptor, is a dynamic trim correction system consisting of a vertical blade contained in a housing at the base of the transom. Its incidence can be adjusted by a few millimeters to protrude from the hull bottom. At speed, the protruding part of the blade encounters water flow, generating a vertical force on the hull bottom at the stern, dynamically correcting the trim to make the hull more bow-down or bow-up as needed. Optimizing trim can improve hull performance, ensuring less resistance and greater speed with the same installed power. In a cruising context, optimizing trim allows the same speed with less engine power, leading to lower fuel consumption and reduced emissions.

Key Features of Intercepta X

The Intercepta X systems are designed for boats from 50 to 130 feet in length and are available in four standard "plug and play" models equipped with an electric motor that, once the interceptor is installed, is housed inside the hull. This protects it from saltwater corrosion, improving reliability and longevity, and allows for maintenance without hauling the hull, reducing intervention costs. Another unique feature is that both the motor position and the dimensions of the Intercepta X can be custom-made to the centimeter for each hull type, ensuring optimal installation without interfering with other internal systems and maximum effectiveness according to the naval design of each boat model. The Intercepta X housings are made of virtually indestructible, oxide-resistant Teflon, enhancing system durability.

Dynamic trim correction with Intercepta X can be controlled manually, but why not utilize the electronic system that optimizes its operation? Moreover, the X Series is compatible and integrable with the MC2 Seacentric integrated stabilization system, combining the anti-roll stabilizing force of Viator fins and the Quick Gyro gyroscopic stabilizer with the Intercepta trim correctors, as well as XENTA technology, which integrates joystick steering, power control, and propulsion systems. This provides the ultimate comfort in dynamic trim for any yacht or superyacht, regardless of hull type or propulsion system.

One Intelligence, One Software

A single intelligence and software based on active algorithms optimally and integratively coordinate the response of each system, allowing those on board, both the captain and guests, to fully enjoy the boat.

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