Navier 27

Navier 27

High-tech startup Navier brings a new business model in the yachting industry

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By Navier
28/04/2021 - 13:52

Navier, a Silicon Valley boating startup, is building a community of boating enthusiasts to push the adoption of clean and efficient watercraft through its 2021 Pioneer Program. 

Its first product, Navier 27, is a 27-foot foiling performance vessel that’s capable of a range exceeding 75 nautical miles at 20kt under electric propulsion and includes advanced autonomy features. Navier made a product announcement for N27 at the Palm Beach International Boat Show in March 2021. Since its announcement, the startup received a wealth of positive reception and is thrilled about the number of people who expressed interest in the high-tech boat.

As a result of high demand, Navier developed the “Pioneer Program” that lets people reserve an early build slot for N27. The program allows early adopters to be the first few people in the world to own the flying, electric boat of the future.

"The goal is to bring together a small group of early adopters and start building a community that is eager to push new innovations in the boating industry,” said Co-Founder and CEO Sampriti Bhattacharyya. “While we are working hard to make Navier 27 available to everyone, our build slots for 2023 are very limited. This program is our way of prioritizing our earliest supporters and enthusiasts ahead of full release to the broader market. These lighthouse customers will be looped into our early development, experience early sea trials, and able to provide Navier with direct feedback.”

The Pioneer Program provides the unique opportunity to stay updated throughout the entire build process and aligns with Navier's long-term goal of bringing clean, efficient waterborne transit to the general public. Navier works with experts from the America’s Cup and the early customers will get a chance to see under the hood of what it takes to build “the boat of the future”. It also allows Navier to form a direct-to-consumer connection with customers. By rolling out an early adopter program, the startup aims to accelerate the electric revolution in boating and deliver broader awareness to the possibilities created by efficient craft, not just by Navier but by the industry as a whole.

The Navier 27 is still in the build process with an expected delivery date of 2023 (while the first demo will be on water for FLIBS 2022);  the earliest slots are available only via application for the Pioneer Program.

“I am quite thrilled to announce some very exceptional folks including eminent technologists, and entrepreneurs who are big ocean enthusiasts`are already a part of the Pioneer group to push the future of sustainable boating”, added Bhattacharyya

Customers can register interest at and indicate interest in the Pioneer Program or reach out directly to the team at The Navier team will get in touch on next steps.

Pioneer program fact sheet

1.The Pioneer Program is a limited time opportunity. Once the program is full, Navier will open build slot reservations for 2024 and beyond to a wider audience.
2.A $1000 deposit is required for reservation. 
3.First deliveries for the Pioneer group will be in 2023, with test rides in 2022
4.Estimated base price is $300,000 USD
5.The final price for a specific variant and configuration will be confirmed prior to build

Navier 27
Navier 27

Key Facts Navire 27

Electric: Goes the distance without noise or pollution with 75nm range @ 20kt

Active foil control: Smooth ride and a sporty handling, enabled by aerospace stabilization technology

Retracting foils: Fly above 3-4ft seas or retract foils for beaching and shallow-water operation

Assisted docking: Precise sensor-assisted joystick docking free of delays typical in gas boats

Advanced autopilot: Perfect speed and cruise control, whether station keeping, trolling, or cruising

Hazard alert: Navier 27 is aware of its surroundings, alerting you of danger before it’s too late

Connected: Check in on your boat from anywhere in the world via smartphone

2 versions: Cabin and Open version

Navier 27
Navier 27

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