Palm Beach continues to innovate with new product releases

Palm Beach continues to innovate with new product releases

Palm Beach continues to innovate with new product releases

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08/06/2022 - 16:00

The GB Marine Group has released a two and half minute film that reveals the underlying relationship between their classic Palm Beach range of motor yachts and their highly contemporary GT line of models. Focusing on the PB55 and the GT60, the film morphs one model into the other to visualise their similarities, and their differences, and showcase:

• That Palm Beach continues to innovate with new product releases
• PB55. The timeless, award-winning classic
• V-Warp Technology. The ultimate yacht design and construction.
• Hull Design Of The V-Warp Platform
• Premium Materials
• Superior Construction Techniques
• GT60. The super sleek sportster of the category

PB55. A timeless, award-winning classic

Shortly after it was launched, the PB55 was the deserving recipient of the ‘Best Boat over 30ft’ award. Making the most of her extended length and beam, the PB55 offers the broadest range of bespoke options. Owners can choose from stateroom configurations with either a forward or midship master as well as an upper or lower galley. Personal style can be reflected in a wide range of exquisite fabrics in the living and accommodation spaces. As is customary with the Palm Beach Classic series, the salon, galley and staterooms are furnished in hand-crafted, glowing golden teak.


A new product for a new customer, from PB55 to GT60, Palm Beach pushes the boundaries

At first glance, the PB55 and the GT60 bear only the family resemblance of distant relatives. While one is a high-tech timeless classic that oozes the charm and style of a bygone era, the other is a super-sleek ode to modernism
and speed. However, look a little closer and their shared DNA starts to become more apparent. Both are designed and constructed using Palm Beach’s proprietary V-Warp Technology. This revolutionary process delivers classleading speed, fuel efficiency and range, as well as comfort and ease of handling in all conditions. Both models display an ingenious use of ergonomics to optimise the use of internal space and offer a range of configurations.

But where they differ is in style and personality. The GT60’s pared-back aesthetic and use of carbon fibre combined with sumptuous internal finishes is futuristic when set aside the refined traditionalism of the PB55. In their different ways, both are exquisitely beautiful. But they are by design suggestive of different lifestyles and experiences on the water.

V-WARP Technology. The ultimate in yacht design and construction

V-Warp Technology is revolutionary. It radically improves every parameter of a motor yacht’s performance – speed, fuel-efficiency, stability, and handling. How is this possible? V-Warp delivers these benefits through the synergy of a unique hull design, superior materials, and rigid construction techniques.

1. Hull Design
The fine entry and flared, semi displacement form of the hull maintains a flat running attitude that reduces the energy required to move through the water. The ride is soft and smooth without the need for strakes, and devoid of hard chines.

2. Premium Materials
Every V-Warp model is built using only premium e-glass, carbon fibre and closed cell foam cores that are vacuum infused with 100% vinylester resin for the ultimate structural laminates. Weight is reduced, strength is increased, the centre of gravity is lowered.

3. Superior Construction Techniques
Superior construction is achieved by fusing hull, deck and bulkheads together to create a semi-monocoque shell to which all fixed furniture, berths, locker bases, galley cabinetry and heads are then fused in turn. All large mass components are then balanced transversally and longitudinally with the baffled, full-beam GRP fuel tank positioned amidships. The result is a structure with torsion-box rigidity and reduced weight that dramatically improves speed, fuel efficiency and handling while eliminating the flex that could lead to creaking and squeaking. V-Warp Technology is proprietary to the GB Marine Group and is used on all motor yachts in the Palm Beach range.


GT60. The super-sleek sportster of the category

The GT60 is the ultra-contemporary model of the Palm Beach range. Designed and built using proprietary V-Warp technology, she’s an extraordinary combination of performance and style. She has a top speed of 43 knots but her efficiency in the water is such that she burns very little fuel to get there. Her styling is an object lesson in the virtues of clean, uncluttered design - sharp and flowing lines, graceful curvature, smooth and highly durable surfaces, the GT60 has a sculptural elegance that is complemented by the chic and sophisticated materials and fittings that adorn her spacious interiors. The GT60 offers unrestrained excitement on the water and unrestrained luxury at anchor.

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