TecnoRib at the Palma Boat Show for the spring preview of the Pirelli 50

TecnoRib at the Palma Boat Show for the spring preview of the Pirelli 50

TecnoRib at the Palma Boat Show for the spring preview of the Pirelli 50

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22/04/2022 - 16:31

TecnoRib has chosen the Palma International Boat Show, scheduled from 28 April to 1 May in Palma de Mallorca, for its spring preview of the Pirelli 50, the flagship and best representation of the design philosophy of its walkarounds line. At 15 metres long, the Pirelli 50 brings the adrenaline-seeking soul of the brand and unique habitability together with performance and safety.

The Pirelli 35, the smallest of the range, will also be on display in collaboration with the dealer Swiss Yachting, the Italian shipyard on the island of Mallorca. Both models have been designed by the Mannerfelt Design Team.

TecnoRib in collaboration with dealer Swiss Yachting based in Mallorca in Puerto Portals, has chosen the Palma de Mallorca International Boat Show for the spring preview of the Pirelli 50, the flagship of the walkarounds line, which just a few days ago was made available to the international press in Genoa for its first tests on the water.

Alongside the Pirelli 50 will also be the Pirelli 35, the smallest model of the same line, launched less than one year ago at the Venice Boat Show. The Pirelli 50, designed for versatile use (as a chase boat, for daily use or medium-range cruises), offers the performance expected of the brand together with the habitability of an elegant yacht, thanks to a surprising layout both above and below deck, which features two double cabins. The double-step hull is designed by the Swedish studio Mannerfelt Design Team, while the cockpit with Simrad multifunction display is modern and ergonomic with seating for three, in a raised position compared to the rest of the deck for better visibility. The model on display at the Spanish Boat Show features two 600hp Mercury Verado V12s engines that provide 50 knots at top speed; the shipyard offers a choice of engines for a maximum output of 1800hp. The new generation of walkarounds was launched in 2020, and best represents the TecnoRib's design philosophy. The Pirelli 50 has already been so successful that all of this year's production and part of next year have sold out.

Pirelli 50

The smallest walkaround, the Pirelli 35, will be present next to the flagship. It offers the same characteristics and design of the Mannerfelt Design Team, but with smaller dimensions. A walkaround of a length of 11.2 metres (width of 3.80 metres), the 35 features a two-step planing hull that combines the highest level of stability and safety with exceptional performance, with peak speeds of over 50 knots. It is available in an outboard or stern drive version; the model featured at the show is powered by a pair of 300 horsepower Mercury outboards.

Pirelli 35

"We have chosen to exhibit two models of the new generation of maxi-rib in which we strongly believe. This line best represents the evolution of our brand, as it best combines sportiness and refinement, two characteristics that reflect and honour the Pirelli brand - of which we are proud representatives,” commented Sacs Tecnorib CEO, Giovanni De Bonis. “The Palma Boat Show is the ideal setting for the world premiere of the Pirelli 50, as the Iberian market is one of the areas in which our products are most popular.”

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