Besenzoni at the Cannes with its complete product range

Besenzoni at the Cannes with its complete product range

Besenzoni at the Cannes with its complete product range


26/07/2022 - 15:32

The Italian company headed by Giorgio Besenzoni will showcase its huge range of tried and tested products at the next Cannes Yachting Festival, both at the stand and on board the highest specification yachts, including the multi-function LP 100 plus ladder/boarding platform, on the stern of the new Nerea NY40. Among the other key products on show at the festival is the B-Electric series with the SalpaAncora, LaPasserella and the P 265 and 263 helm seats.

The most important international event this autumn for boating products of all sizes, the Cannes Yachting Festival, which will take place from 6 to 11 September, is fast approaching and Besenzoni will of course be there, along with the other leading companies in the industry. Its high-quality products are extremely reliable and are suitable for boats of various different sizes, ensuring guests can enjoy those special, fun-filled moments of their holiday or boat trip in complete safety.

The stern cockpit is definitely one of the parts of a boat that is most used on board in summer and is becoming an area where people relax and enjoy being their proximity to the sea, thanks to certain products that enable them to make the most of it. The LP100 PLUS ladder/boarding platform is one of these: in fact, it makes it possible to perform various operations with just one product: its main function is obviously that of a bathing ladder or boarding/disembark ladder but is not limited to this since it can also be used as an extension to a sunbathing platform as well as a tender lift. The ladder/platform operation incorporates a raising/lowering movement with a final retractable hydraulic platform to extend the last step, which makes it easier to get onto the quayside.

During the yachting festival it will be possible to see this new product in action on the new Nerea NY40. In this specific and personalised configuration, with the name COSMO, LP100 PLUS becomes the focal point of the stern of the boat and carries out all the operations that are normally performed by the tenderlift, the gangway, the bathing ladder, and the platform.

Also on display will be the extensive BeElectric range, the new series of electrically powered components designed by Besenzoni which now feature new styling and eco-friendly technology. 

In particular, you will be able to see LaPasserella and the SalpaAncora operating on 12/24 volts. There are currently two models of the latter, for anchors weighing 15 and 25 kg respectively, designed so that a 12/24vdc winch can be installed to operate the chain. 

The fully electric power supply brings numerous advantages not only to the boats on which they are installed but also to the environment. Firstly, the absence of a hydraulic power pack makes the systems quieter and the boats lighter. This enables us to deliver a key benefit: less impact on the marine environment as a direct result of fuel reduction as well as reduced energy consumption on board. 

Also on display will be the P265 and P263 helm seats - ideal for the interior of boats but also for flybridges. They have an attractive design and are very comfortable. Both featuring a fixed backrest, they can be easily installed on different types of support (either operated electronically or using a gas piston) or directly on a suitable support base so that they can be adapted to the space available on the boat.
There is a huge range of possible combinations involving leather or marine vinyl upholstery, with contrasting seams for a more modern effect. The P265 has a reclining seat which makes it possible to steer the boat while standing.

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