Quick Group unveils ambitious sustainability roadmap for a greener future

Quick Group unveils ambitious sustainability roadmap for a greener future

Quick Group unveils ambitious sustainability roadmap for a greener future


09/07/2024 - 14:50

As one of the world’s leading suppliers of marine equipment, Quick Group has grown to become a global powerhouse in the marine sector. With its operations encompassing everything from product design, engineering and prototyping to manufacture and supply to manyglobal leading boatbuilders, it has proven increasingly important to develop a robust and comprehensive roadmaptoward all aspects of sustainability, equity, innovation and production efficiency.

Such policies are now coming into full bloom as Quick Group launches ambitioussustainability initiatives,including reducing carbon emissions,enhancing supply chain transparencyand increasing investments in renewable energy, such as solar panels. The Group is working towards sourcing 100% renewable energy by the end of the year.Furthermore, other initiatives are underway,such as carbon footprint mapping, ISO certification, implementing vertical production methodologies, and promotingworkplace inclusion and equity strategies.

The company’s ESG plan outlines a clear and structured approach to enhancing environmental sustainability, social responsibility, and governance practices. The plan includes detailed strategies for achieving these goals and a robust framework for monitoring and reporting progress. What’s more, the establishment of a dedicated sustainability Team marks a significant step toward more focused tangible sustainability efforts.

Quick Group is demonstrating its impact and commitment through a 2024 Sustainability Report that documents the progress and challenges of several initiatives. The goal is not only to improve life on board using Quick Group products but also to positively contribute to the life of the planetthrough sustainable products and processes. The result is that customers not only purchase superior quality solutions but also embrace strong sustainability values, and all customers are more than welcome to join the company in this vital mission to actively contribute to a greener and more inclusive future.

Bringing customers on the sustainability journey includes actively engaging and educating them about the importance and benefits of sustainable practices. Moreover, as well as customers increasingly preferring companies with robust sustainability and DEI policies that align with their values, such policies also foster an enhanced environment of innovation –that aligns perfectly with Quick Group’s core ethos toward product engineering and production process development.


“The company’s sustainability policy has undergone significant evolution over the past few years, reflecting a growing commitment to environmental, social and governance (ESG) principles,” begins Marco Rodi, Chief Operating and Sustainability Officer of Quick Group. “Our sustainability policy has moved from basic compliance with environmental regulation to a comprehensive and strategic approach to ESG, including things like recycling or energy efficiency initiatives. We have also extended it to supply chain transparency.”

The new policies include several shorter and longterm goals. “For example, we would like to move from currently using 40 to 50 per cent renewable energy to using 100 per cent renewables,” says Rodi. “Concurrently we are also working on using more sustainable packaging using recycled materials and materials that can themselves be recycled, as well as being fully FSC-certified.”

Supplychain improvements

Alongside these initiatives comes a more ambitious goal – to work with partners and suppliers to shorten and improve the up- and downstream supply chains. “This aspect is one of the hardest things to do but also one of the most important – so we must build a supply chain with the same goals as the Quick Group itself, sharing our values and our visions,” Rodi explains. “Ultimately it all leads to potential for lifecycle assessment. We believe that this comprehensive approach will ensure that from raw materials to finished products our practices are aligned with our sustainability commitments and will be driven by a continuous-improvement approach.”

It's helped by the fact that most Quick Group suppliers are Italian and thereforefully aligned with European ESG and DEI policies. Additionally, many are based close to the production facilities, giving the Group a head start in reducing supply chain impact. Coupled with this is a lean logic production approach, which reduces waste and other losses and therefore generates value for customers. “Thanks to our local suppliers and specific vertical production model we can reduce all kinds of waste,” Rodi enthuses, “because we are able to produce just what our customers need and just when they need it. We are able to work in a very flexible way and we can change our production schedule quickly according to our customers’ needs. For me this is a very powerful aspect in terms of ESG because we are able tominimize over-production and warehouse storage as well as reducing energy consumption.”

Workplace equity and inclusion strategy

It's not just about lean production and sustainability initiatives however – Quick Group is also taking a proactive approach to workplace gender equality. “Promoting gender equity within our company is a key aspect of the diversity, equity and inclusion strategy,” Rodi confirms. “In our sector of engineering and production there is traditionally a gender imbalance, and our comprehensive approach to promoting gender equity encompasses inclusive recruitment, equal opportunity for advancement, a zero-tolerance stance on discrimination and specific initiatives to encourage more female engineers, such as focusing on early engagement at universities and creating an inclusive culture for mentoring and professional development.”

Finally, there’s the aspect of innovation – something that Quick Group is well known for both across its original product lines and within the new product segments that have become part of the wider Group offering after the acquisitions. “Innovation is part of our DNA,” Rodi affirms. “We are continuously exploring new technologies, material methodologies and sustainability aspects. It extends from the products themselves to the production processes for those products. From lean manufacturing principles and exploring more recycled materials and more energy efficient processes we are also aiming to achieve specific certification standards such as ISO 14001, ISO 45001.”

“Of course, we comply with European laws and regulations, but we choose to go further and do far more than that,” Rodi concludes. “At Quick Group we believe that a strong ESG and DEI policy builds trust as well as loyalty with our stakeholders, from customers to employees and partners. We believe in it, not because we have to but because it’s the right thing to do, because it’s one of the most powerful tools to help us grow continuously as a company, and because we believe that building a business that puts sustainability at its core is the only choice.”

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