Angelo Colombo interviews Piero Formenti, CEO of Zar Formenti

Inflatable Boat

18/01/2023 - 09:43

Angelo Colombo interviewed Piero Formenti, CEO of Zar Formenti, a Lombardy-based company leading company production of rigid inflatable boats, founded by him in 1979.

As a brand that stands out in the RIB manufacturers' landscape for being able to develop a boat range with strong technical and stylistic personalities that establish Zar Formenti in a well-defined niche in the market, a market where it has made many proselytes around the world. Epitomizing it, in terms of content, is the flagship Imagine 130, launched in 2021 and presented in style during the most recent boat shows.

Designed by Francesco Ambrosini the Zar Imagine 130 features water lines that echo the shipyard's strengths, such as the hull with hydrostatic tunnels, the deep "V" and the characteristic Zar forefoot, but evolve to fit well into this 13-meter-long model with a 4.57-meter beam, the presence of a large cabin and the goal of reaching 50 knots of speed. The Imagine 130 has a revolutionary hull with both longitudinal and lateral steps and three redans per beam, a solution that increases ventilation under the hull, reducing its wetted surface area and thus promoting speed.

Once again, Zar's attention to detail combined with the flair of its designer Carlos Vidal has created a boat for the most demanding and passionate owners that fit well into the segment of the best Made in Italy shipbuilding.

Below the deck, the spaces are suited to the level of the boat that Imagine 130 wants to give. The two cabins are almost identical in comfort, the bow one features a larger height and is therefore perfect as a master cabin, while the aft one, under the cockpit, manages to be bright and suitable for family members or guests to spend pleasant moments on board. A bathroom with a separate shower completes the onboard equipment.

For anyone who wants to know better how the Zar Imagine 130 cruises, find PressMare's test carried out by Giacomo Giulietti here

Several other topics concerning the world of inflatable boats were also touched upon during the interview. Piero Formenti has great expertise both as an entrepreneur and for his activity as Confindustria Nautica deputy, the association that brings together the world of Italian production boating, accessory makers, and the entire supply chain but also companies that offer services in the sector. As has been the case for years in the sphere of luxury yachts, even for inflatable boats, especially when it comes to large RIBs, Made in Italy has become the reference for the entire sector, with production that is at the top of the market and for this reason, as is often the case, a source of inspiration for all builders and designers in the world.

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