Mase VS 12

Mase VS 12

Mase has revolutionised energy production with the new VS range


06/09/2018 - 11:38

Mase has revolutionised energy production on board vessels with the new VS range, variable speed generators that set a new benchmark in this sector.

Mase’s experience and global reputation for innovative products has enabled the company to design and build new generators that offer shipyards the opportunity to produce more technological, environmentally friendly boats. In fact, the new generators produce only the energy required eliminating fuel wastage and reducing emissions.
The systems are compact and complete with all the circuits necessary to power any user. The inverter and the large high voltage cables are fully contained inside, unlike traditional systems.

The new devices cover a wide power range and are equipped with circuits that allow parallel coupling with functions that offer maximum energy savings and allow high loads.
Mase also produce high-power "custom-made" generators, based on the same variable speed technology, to supply energy for electric propulsion engines on yachts.
All Mase VS generators do not exchange heat with the engineering space in which they are installed as they are cooled by closed circuits with refrigerant water / sea water and
indoor / sea water exchangers that allow the engine, alternator and other circuits to operate at optimal temperatures.

The power inverters are also water-cooled to improve efficiency and operation. This makes the system very compact compared to others that use external components; in addition it is electrically safer because it is installed completely inside a single casing which, thanks to an anti-vibration system and soundproofing of the box, has very low vibration and noise levels. These features also make it ideal for combining the new silent hybrid or purely electric propulsions of boats.

The installation of the generator and its connection with the on-board systems are quick and easy because the production and conversion of energy are carried out inside the generator and therefore do not require external equipment and connections.
The reliability of the system is the best possible because all the components have been designed to work together, removing any interface problems with other devices.
The generators are equipped with a remote control unit that can be installed in any area of the boat.
The sinusoidal waveform of the Mase generators allows optimal working of all electronic devices avoiding malfunctions.

The constant voltage level (without changes due to differences in load) is another important feature that eliminates faults and false alarms onboard. The new Mase generators supply more energy than their competitors using the same diesel engine power; in short, they have greater efficiency and autonomy. 
The paralleling of two generators can be carried out even if they are at considerable distance from each other. Parallel systems offer considerable energy savings and quieter operation as additional power is only activated when required by the on-board users.

There is the option to choose which generator performs the task of master or slave so that you can decide which area of the yacht should be quieter (for example the cabins during
the night). Even in systems composed of several units, the Mase VS generating sets are lighter than traditional generators with the same overall power. The new VS range currently consists of five units at both 50 Hz and at 60 Hz with a power range from 6 to 15.5 kW. With the same technology combined with a high concentration of power, Mase offers high power generators tailored to each yacht.

Both in series production and "one off" models, the new Mase generators offer shipyards and designers the opportunity to build better, more efficient, environmentally friendly boats
that are quieter and often cheaper. The new Mase generators are built using components that are locally sourced in Italy and meet all current and future European emission standards (Stage 5) and the US (EPA Tier 4 Final).

The new technologies developed in-house by Mase and the large-scale production facilities confirm the company's leadership in this sector.

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