Italia Yachts chooses the Salone Nautico to present the IY 43 veloce

Italia Yachts chooses the Salone Nautico to present the IY 43 veloce

Italia Yachts chooses the Salone Nautico to present the IY 43 veloce

Motor boat

11/07/2023 - 13:06

Italia Yachts chooses the Salone Nautico to present the world premiere of IY43 veloce: the first motor yacht marking the opening of the new line that will flank the already highly appreciated sailing yacht line. 

The IY 43 veloce has been developed on a hybrid concept between a pure walkaround and a day cruiser, to have interiors with generous spaces and a height at the top of the category. The classic hull shows a sign of modernity in the line that follows the entire side, to lighten the view to the eye and create symmetry with the top. The hard top is extended and closed to offer more shelter when sailing. For more shade, the area can still be extended. The hull line uncovers a high prow, deliberate to always ensure safety on board, whatever the sea, and to make the boat dry when under sail. Under the hard top there is a living area that can be modulated to choose the best use each time, with sofas that leave the side walkway free, with movable backrests and a central table that can be folded down to become a single large sundeck. In the configuration with open sides, thanks to the free stern, space is multiplied to be the central point of life on board for children or a comfortable beach for guests on board. IY 43 veloce is the result of the collaboration of experts including the naval architecture firm Skyron Studio, with the Italia Yachts design team, and Arbore & Partners for the interiors.

For sailing, the IY 12.98 and IY14.98 are once again the stars of the Salone Nautico, representing the entire range from the IY 9.98 to the IY 20.98, passing through the multi-award winning IY 11.98.

The IY 12.98 bellissima, on the other hand, is a model that tends to be more devoted to cruising, with a strongly racing soul, which expresses itself well in regattas, even long ones, and which in any case offers great fun while sailing.

The IY 14.98 bellissima is a boat that is definitely out of the standard. Born to impress, for the comfort of its interior spaces and for its sailing qualities. A truly fast, fun and safe cruiser in which to feel at home.

Italia Yachts is still working to constantly improve its products, and to do this it has begun production of the entire range at the new Fano yard, where it has focused all production: from lamination of the hulls in infusion, to delivery of the finished product. All this to have the best quality control throughout the entire production process.

At the same time, studies are progressing to make the fleet more technological and environmentally sustainable. 'We are looking at all possibilities to have an eco-responsible approach and improve the environmental impact of our boats,' says Elise Wahart, materials engineer. 'We want to take a 360° approach and are working on every phase of the boat life cycle: production, use, end of life. The main developments concern bio resins and thermoplastic resins, marine plywood, electric and hybrid propulsion, and other aspects of boat use and maintenance. Already in the design phase we will include new, more environmentally friendly solutions for a sustainable future.

Italia Yachts builds high-end boats that combine elegance, performance and comfort. Having an IY is a popular choice among sailing enthusiasts looking for a luxury boat that offers an exceptional sailing experience.

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